Seller’s Checklist

Items to bring to your Closing:

  • IDENTIFICATION: Government issued, picture ID (driver’s license or passport).
  • FUNDS TO CLOSE: In the event that the seller must bring money to close, any funds must be in the form of certified funds (certified check, cashier’s check or money order).
  • ORIGINAL POWERS-OF-ATTORNEY: The original Power of Attorney must be recorded at the courthouse so please bring it to the closing along with a photocopy of the photo ID of the person giving the power. The form must be approved by our office so please fax a copy to us at 404-207-1624 as soon as possible.
  • If the seller is a corporation, we will need a current corporate resolution that includes who will be signing at the closing and their official title, and you will need to bring the corporate seal to the closing. If the seller is a LLC, we will need a copy of the fully signed operating agreement and any amendments.
  • Any additional documents or information required by the contract, your Lender or the Closing Attorney
  • Original termite letter and/or bond (if applicable)

Seller Reminders:

  • Advise Closing Attorney of any special needs, circumstances or questions regarding your closing.
  • If you cannot attend closing, obtain a Power of Attorney form from the Closing Attorney, execute it properly and assure that the original is returned for closing.
  • Prior to closing, provide Closing Attorney with payoff information and homeowner’s association contact information.