Borrower’s Checklist

Items to bring to your Closing:

  • IDENTIFICATION: Government issued, picture ID (driver’s license or passport).
  • FUNDS TO CLOSE: Certified funds (cashier’s check or money order) or wire are necessary for any amount over $1,000.00. You should bring your checkbook in the event that there are any changes.
  • ORIGINAL POWERS-OF-ATTORNEY: If there is a loan involved in the transaction and a Power of Attorney is being used then the form of the POA must be approved by the lender and closing attorney prior to the closing. The form and a copy of the identification of the person giving the POA should be faxed to 912-355-0345 as soon as possible for review. Please bring the original to the closing so that it may be recorded at the courthouse. Photo identification for the person signing at the closing must be provided as well.
  • HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE POLICY: A copy of the declaration page should be provided to the lender and closing attorney prior to the closing to ensure that the coverage amount is acceptable to the lender. A paid receipt is necessary to prevent the need to collect the insurance premium at closing.
  • OTHER DOCUMENTS: Any other documents that have been requested by the lender, closing attorney or any other party such as pay stubs, bank statements, gift letter or proof of sale of prior residence.

Borrower Reminders:

  • Please contact our office prior to closing to for the amount you need to bring to closing.
  • If you are sending a wire for the amount you need to close please contact our office for wiring instructions and make sure your bank is notified in time to have the funds transferred.